Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fertilizer Canada.  Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa share similar visions of empowering smallholder farmers in rural Africa. We see value in sharing experiences in the delivery of plant nutrient programming to ensure a sustainable agricultural system for future generations; as a result, we aim to work collaboratively under this agreement, which will increase Canadian awareness of Africa, particularly in the areas of agriculture and agri-business. Click here to view MoU

Fertilizer Canada (FC) is an industry association that represents manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizers. Canada’s fertilizer industry plays an essential role in ensuring that world food needs can be met economically and sustainably. Canada supplies approximately 12 percent of the world’s fertilizer materials. Canada is the world’s largest exporter of potash and elemental sulphur; Canada’s fertilizer industry contributes over $23 billion annually to the Canadian economy. Fertilizer Canada’s vision is to play a leadership role in the global fertilizer industry in meeting the challenge of feeding the world with safe and nutritious food. Fertilizer Canada’s mission, as the unified voice of the Canadian fertilizer industry, is to promote safe, responsible, and sustainable, globally competitive fertilizer production, distribution, and use.



The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) is a Not for Profit and Pan-Canadian organization incorporated according to Canadian laws, with offices across Canada.  Its mission is to promote Commerce and Economic Development between Canada and the Continent of Africa. Created in 2002, members and partners of CCAfrica represent all the sectors of the Canadian economies, such as agriculture/agri-food, mining, finance, transportation, technologies, energy, infrastructure, information communication technologies, aerospace, construction, fintech, education, health, governments (federal and provincial), among many others. The network of relationships, the variety of members, the established credibility, and the detailed knowledge of continental issues all put CCAfrica at the forefront of a business-driven approach that stands out. In addition, CCAfrica offers a flexible platform that provides awareness not only of business options but also of the socio-cultural aspects of the host countries. CCAfrica has been excelling in that role for the past two decades, positioning Canadian companies in a competitive manner while promoting a positive business image and a discourse of prosperity.



Africa has the potential to become the Food Basket of the world!

Arable Land: Africa is home to roughly 60% of the world’s unused arable land. Home to 60% of the world’s arable land.  Africa has the potential to meet not only its own food needs but also those of the rest of the world.

Climate Diversity: The continent’s diverse climates make it possible to grow a wide range of crops. From the rainforests of Central Africa to the deserts of North Africa, each region presents unique opportunities for specialized agricultural production.

Water Resources: Africa has significant water resources, including major rivers like the Nile, Congo, and Zambezi, which could be better utilized for irrigation. However, issues of water management and access remain a significant challenge.

Labor Force: Africa has a young and rapidly growing population that could provide a significant labor force for the agricultural sector.

Biodiversity: Africa has an immense biodiversity, which could be leveraged for a more resilient and sustainable agricultural system. This includes a wide variety of crops, livestock, and fish species.

Africa is looking for Technology and Skills Development Partners: There is a need for improved farming techniques, mechanization, and skills training to increase productivity.


Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa have complementary objectives and goals to increase agricultural productivity and standards of living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa believe that by working together in a public-private partnership, measurable economic, societal, and environmental benefits can be achieved for smallholder farmers in Africa.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa believe that cost-effective and environmentally responsible soil management and enhancement is key to increased food production for small-holder farmers and that scientifically based and site-specific application of organic and commercial fertilizers that come from the Right Source at the Right Rate, Right Time, and Right Place® (The 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework) has demonstrated potential to boost small farmers yields and incomes while improving environmental sustainability.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa believe the small-holder farmers who choose to organize as members in autonomous co-operative enterprises to meet their needs, through improved production and marketing of their produce, have demonstrated potential to improve the lives of members, in particular women and children.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa agree that co-operatives, other private sector actors, government extension workers, and other future partners are important to the success and sustainability of their joint initiatives.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa share a commitment to determining and measuring the impact of their joint interventions based on scientific approaches and indicators and considering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa recognize that agronomic knowledge tools using science-based information are important to the success of the shared vision.

Fertilizer Canada and Canadian Council on Africa are committed to working for agriculture which is broadly inclusive, innovative, and resilient, and that also includes the participation, leadership, and drive of youth and women.

Fertilizer Canada and the Canadian Council on Africa support the principles of 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

We look forward to working together in promoting Canadian technology, expertise, and know-how in agriculture and agri-food sectors to our partners in the continent of Africa.

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